Something Special to Europe

This is a brief follow-up to my last post.

In retrospect I didn’t share just how proud I was of American Airlines and my job with them. We didn’t consider United or Delta our competitors. Our competitors were the European airlines. That’s the reason my department was created at O’Hare. We were to be the best trained and elite agents at O’Hare. We had to be multilingual. We were to be the face of a truly world class airline. Most of the time we were.

American dismantled the European hub at O’Hare slowly after I left. 9/11 killed it completely. When American dropped Flight 84 to Frankfurt It was a sad day for me. I was assigned that flight almost every day.

I linked the commercials below as they are from my time with American Airlines. They capture the zeitgeist of what we were trying to create at O’Hare. These are Chicago specific and focus primarily on Europe. The first commercial describes it best.

The staff in the commercials are actual American Airlines staff.





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