I checked the flight status for my departure tonight at about 11:00 this morning. It has already been delayed by over an hour!

There are two probable causes. The first, and less likely reason is that there are mechanical issues. Midway is one of Southwest’s largest hubs, even though Southwest claims not to have hubs. There shouldn’t be a problem swapping aircraft.

The more probable issue is the weather. Chicago and the Midwest have been having afternoon thunderstorms for the last few days. Southwest may be spreading out departures, preemptively delaying flights to ensure connections are made, and/or the FAA is instituting “flow control,” meaning it is purposely spreading out flights to ensure the safety of the skies in one of the most congested parts of the country.

My biggest fear is that we leave the gate and then sit on the ramp for hours! Or that Southwest un-delays the flights, which they tend to do. I almost missed a flight once because of that! So I have to leave for the airport as if the flight were right on time. I’m charging up all my iDevices for what could be a long journey to San Francisco.

My other fear for today is packing. Though Southwest lets bags fly free, they can’t be over fifty pounds. There is NO WAY I am taking two suitcases. Dragging one on the subway is already a pain.

Wish me luck!

I’m NOT happy!